Thursday, January 28, 2010


Family, Friends, and the strangers who happen to blog stalk this way: 

Take a minute for me will ya? 

Friends of mine are trying to adopt.  It's a long process and they've got the paperwork (and many other things) done and are approved.  Now all they can do it wait.  BLAH- Waiting stinks. You know that.  Who likes to wait?  And waiting for a baby is rough.  So do me a favor and check out their BLOG and their adoption profile.  If you know of anyone- be it you or a friend of a friend or somebody's cousin- who is looking to put up a child for adoption- please consider my friends. And if you or anyone you know has ever considered abortion--please think twice.  There are good people, like David and Lora who want a child desperately. 


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  1. thank you thank you thank you!! You are a gem. And you are a complete wonder at writing down what your son say! Well done!
    And thank you!