Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wedding Bells Ring: Part 2- Decorations

Now I'm sure you've heard of the house that Jack built.
Well this is the cake that Trish built.
A lot of man (woman) hours went into it but it sure looks AWESOME! Oh and did I mention she's never taken a cake decorating class or anything.  Just figured it out. The boys took the beads off once before the wedding but Trish worked her magic and fixed it.  At least the fondant doesn't let the little kids swipe frosting like in weddings past.

Next up is the happy couple.  (I caught them a bit off guard)
Mr. & Mrs. Tyler and Nikki Bunting.
(Notice the beautiful swag on the arch...I made that and Sean did the black scarf draping. Man of many talents.)

Now check out the likeness of these two in clay form. 
Crazy huh? Flowers, jewelry, detailed dress and all.  (Also notice the cute vase with limes an hot pink Gerber daisies behind the cake. Very cute and very Nikki.)
A little bit closer now:

A lady in my in law's ward made it.  Amazing. 

A LOT of hard work and ingenuity went into decorating for the wedding, luncheon and reception. Thanks to EVERYONE who helped! It took a village.

Next instalment: Dancing!

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