Sunday, December 13, 2009


...I am trying to ignore the fact that my head feels like it may, at any given moment, explode.

...I'm watching Ian play with his blocks and trying desperately to keep his little brother from playing with them too. He's building a train-something-or-other. I think it's supposed to be a train depot like on Thomas the Train.

...Landon is practising sky-diving. At least that's what it looks like. He can't crawl yet but you still have to keep an eye on him. He rolls and manages to get around somehow.

...Sean is sitting in Church all alone :( The little boys and I are ditching church (sinners!)--well Ian was sick and now I am too.

...I am wishing I had an appetite for the fudge I made yesterday. My dry HoneyNut Cheerios were enough for me this morning.

...I'm thinking about Christmas gifts and what craftiness needs to go into some of them. For obvious reasons I cannot elaborate here just yet.

...I'm looking forward to our vacation this summer. And to a time with no frozen white stuff on the ground.

...I'm wondering what a woodpecker was thinking when he started pecking on our house this morning. I doubt there's good stuff in our walls.

...I'm wishing next month could come a little faster. I miss my little brother. He's coming home from an LDS Mission to Berlin Germany at the end of January.

...I think I'll do a puzzle now with the firstborn.

Peace on Earth Good Will to All.

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  1. how exciting for your brother to be coming home soon! yay!