Thursday, November 5, 2009

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The fire has died down a little and I'm not spitting mad- but just barely. I need to vent (how's that for a disclaimer) I am So SICK of the government runaround and bullying! I am an honest hard working person who gets things done when they are supposed to be done. So why does medicaid (read the powers that be) feel the need to bully me into doing stuff. I'm so tired of them sending me threat notes "If you don't get this all in by 6 pm we're closing your case"--So I make darn sure the paper gets faxed by 11 AM and what happens? I get a notice saying our case is closed. Missed the deadline. No I DID NOT! YOU missed my paperwork. They must be seriously understaffed if they can't get my paperwork processed on the day they declare I must have it in and then make we wait 45 minutes on the phone (using my cell phone minutes by the way) to talk to someone who doesn't know JACK about my case just to tell me that "looks like the case is open so there is nothing to complain about ma'am" I'll give you something to complain about....UGH!

Why does our government prey on poor people.  Step on the back of the little guy.  That's capitalism I guess.  I can't stand politics.  It just makes me so angry.  I haven't been so crying mad in a while--or at least since the last time this happened in August.  What am I to do?  We cannot afford regular healthcare on a student salary but we can't afford to not be students either.  (The loans alone are enough to encourage us to finish school but then there would be the lost opportunity costs as well...) From what I hear "regular" healthcare isn't all that and a bag o' chips either.  We live in the richest nation in the world and poor people are forced further into poverty to get decent medical attention.  Why don't we take care of each other more?

Sean can we move to a commune somewhere and ignore the government and hope they ignore us? 

Just for your info-- I did look up our representatives, state and federal and I WILL be sending them a letter of some sort.  But I know it won't help.  I have no faith in the powers that be to hear my little voice and change it for the better.  You'd better believe that change is coming.  But Dorothy I think it's gonna get darker before it gets lighter. 

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