Saturday, November 21, 2009

Twirly Girl

I'm totally stoaked.  I don't use those words lightly my friends.  I have been told before that I know how to get a good deal.  It's true.  This is proof.  See this?

I got this dress for a mere $15.  (No that is obviously not me in the picture) Mine is black (this one is brown) and I will be wearing it with a black shirt underneath to bring the modesty standards of the dress up to par and a hot pink ribbon with the sash for pizzaz.  Uber-cute.  I LOVE it. And I got a killer deal to boot! So excited! The dress is a Mori Lee by Madeline Garnder.  Now that may not mean much to you.  It didn't really mean a whole lot to me either but I googled it and found the site.  Love the style of most of the dresses on the site (all rather similar to this).  But after touching the fabric and seeing the dress I could tell it is A) well made B) high quality fabric (oh so yummy) and C) expensive--especially on a budget of next to nothing. 

I am grateful someone thought to give this beautiful dress (probably a bridesmaid) to Deseret Industries so I could give it a home.  For many many years to come.  I love how it sways too.  It reminds me of being a little girl and spinning around and around just to watch and feel my dress twirl. 

Pictures of me in said dress next week.  Ah.  Love it.


  1. May your awesome thriftiness skills continue to be rewarded in wonderful ways! Twirl on, my pretty girl.

  2. cute! and what a deal! can't wait for the pics!

  3. Love it. So cute! You find the best deals!