Monday, November 16, 2009

Non Compos Mentis

What's the difference between an idiot and a lunatic?  Basically a lunatic is a one time case of non compos mentis (latin term meaning not having command of one's mind) and an idiot is a lack of mental facilities- thus long term non compos mentis.  Somewhat like the phrase "Ignorance can be fixed- stupid is forever" Lunatic is just a phase- Idiot is forever.  Just in case you were wondering what the legal definitions were.  I'm no lawyer and I don't pretend to be- I was simply curious after reading a local municipal code explaining that people can still be considered attached to a crime if they told an idiot or lunatic to do it.  I didn't know those were acutal legal terms.  They are.  So the next time you call someone an idiot.  Think twice.  Chances are they are simply a lunatic that wants you to think they are an idiot so they can get away with more. 

Note: the picture is the half-wit from 10th Kingdom... I did not find a legal definiton of half-wit.  If you know of one- please comment. 

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