Tuesday, November 10, 2009


One down I don't know how many to go.  I finished making one gift today.  Now I can't tell you what it is except to say that I've been feeling a bit crafty.  While Christie was here we managed one project together and that kindled the crafty fire.  I have ideas but the time and means to do what I am envisioning is not readily accessible.  That's ok.  Necessity is the mother of invention right?  Maybe poverty is the mother of creative solutions.  Either way I'll work with what I have.  So I know we haven't had Thanksgiving yet but everyone is already thinking about Christmas so I might as well too.  (I have to have some of Christmas stuff done BEFORE Thanksgiving so really it's just me being practical).  I have mixed emotions every year about Christmas.  We are all expected to give gifts and the consumerism is off the charts this time of year.  I love finding gifts for others but I have a hard time with expectations.  My boys are too small to anticipate getting gifts (but they'll get them just the same) so do I change my consumer ways now while they're little before they know?...

Afterall what is the point of Christmas?  To celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World.  To celebrate Christ.  To love and give thanks for all the blessings we have.  To be kind and serve one another.  Not to give each other junk that we'll never use.  "Dustables" Matt calls them.  And yet some of the stuff is just so fun or cute or (insert justification here).  You get the picture?  I'm torn.  My spiritual self is trying to find the higher purpose and the worldly me is trying to find or create cool/fun/useful/thoughtful gifts for those I know and love.

What's a girl to do? Until I come to a conclusion I'll just keep crafting....it's good for my mind.


  1. Good job on getting a head start on Christmas gifts! And I agree that poverty and necessity play a big role in being creative and crafty. I am too frugal and don't have the money to blow on some of the stuff I want. So I either find a way to make it, or find a tutorial on how to make it.

    I too am concerned about the comsumerism of the holidays having an effect on my little one. I don't really plan on buying him junky plastic toys..or at least very few of them. Its the grandparents you need to watch out for. Instead I am making a suggestion list on Amazon of wood or natural toys for him that they can choose from.

    As for crafting, here are a couple of wonderful sites that I go to everyday for inspirations and projects.

    Both blogs have tons of projects and tutorials!
    What kind of crafting do you like to do?

  2. Oh man you should see all of the crafty tutorials I have bookmarked on my computer that maybe one day I'll get to. I also love oneprettything.com You should also check out skiptomylou.org and click on the handmade gift ideas button. There are sooo many things I want to do!

  3. this blog has a great idea related to the gifts given by the Three Wise Men - The Gift of Wonder, The Gift of Usefulness, and The Gift of Meaning: