Monday, October 12, 2009

What is this all about?

Jealousy? Rebellion? Fun? Adventure?  Thrill?  See how far to the edge you can push mom?  Naptime.  We have been having issues with this fun topic.  I don't know WHAT happened but Ian will not go down for a nap like he used to (though he sure as heck still needs one).  He's all about pushing the limits lately and time out does not work.   Today we talked about naptime and he understood that after lunch it was time to nap... he even said so himself.  So he got a book, we read it, but he wouldn't lay down.  So he knows the rule is I take the book and shut the door if he gets off his bed.  He KNOWS this.  He gets off the bed.  Of course.  So I take the book and shut the door.  Crying. "Read!" he laments over and over--because he wanted to read the book he couldn't find until Mom uncovered it and took it away.  Hooper Humperdink has never been so popular.  Then silence.  Ahh. 

Sighed too soon.  I hear music coming from the room.  Not just any music but music from Landon's elephant that is in his crib.  Go in.  Sure enough.  Ian's pretending to "schleep" in Lando's bed.  Take him out of the crib, place him on his bed and make a deal.  I give him the Elephant Book and shut the door and he agrees to read it and stay on his bed.  I check the baby moniter.  He's reading it.  When I go back to check it again---nothing.  What?  Has he really fallen asleep?  Angels begin to sing.  I breathe a sigh of relief.  A flood of peace comes over me.  Then I opened the door.

That's right.  He zonked out in the crib.
Score sits at Ian:1 Mom:1 (At least he's asleep)
Now- how do I get him to do that in HIS bed again?


  1. Meanwhile (back at the ranch) Landon in napping in his swing because his bed is "ocupado".

  2. That makes me laugh. You do what you can. Ian looks so different! Lily still points Ian out in her photo book.

  3. I say any nap is a good nap and I'm pretty sure he will not adopt the crib permanently. So pick your battles. Will Lando nap in the Pack 'n' Play?

  4. holy cow he looks so big! I cant wait to see you all!

  5. Oh aren't kids great! McKinley is only 2 months old and I already love naptime. Ian cracks me up!

  6. I LOVE it!!!! Ella is noctural and never needs sleep.. it bites. good luck to ya