Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stop sucking on your socks! At least they're clean...

I ran half a mile today up hill pushing at least 40 pounds.  That's got to be worth something right?  We had to get some paperwork turned in for insurance stuff and it's only 8 blocks so I decided why not just take the boys in the stroller and get my jogging in too?  I would have run home too but Ian wouldn't get back in the stroller with Landon.  He's too big for that.  "Eee.  Walk."  Or really just dawdle and duck walk and turtle walk home.  He's pretty funny.  I tried to explain to him that we don't walk on other peoples' lawns because it doesn't belong to us.  So what does the little stinker do?  He waits until their walkway and THEN walks with one foot in their walkway and one on the regular sidewalk.  Oh he was so proud of himself for finding the loophole. 

I pre-apologize for the lack of pictures with this post-- didn't have a camera with me.  We took an interesting detour on the way home.  We walk past the firehouse on our way and this time I decided to let Ian go in to see if we could see the trucks better from in there.  Well we got a little tour of the firehouse- complete with lights.  It was pretty cool.  I'm so grateful he didn't try to do the horn or siren or anything loud.  Getting Ian close to them was a pretty big achievement.  I think he's beginning to get over his fear of Fire Trucks (or anything with a siren) but I totally understand where he is coming from.  The sirens still make my stomach sink at first if they're close. 

It was cold for our run today, though I think going during the "heat" of the day helped.  Could have been worse (and probably will be soon) but I bundled up the boys anyway.  The mittens we have for Landon are pitiful and he would soak them with spit in minutes (he's very drooley and loves to suck on his fist) so I decided what's the next best thing?  SOCKS!  Ian's socks are big, absorbant and clean-- so I felt a little silly for putting socks on my kid's hands but much more relieved that he wouldn't be freezing.  It was a good little outing and I was feeling pretty good about it when I first got home but now I'm a little stiff.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.  :)


  1. Hang in there! Sounds like you're doing great. You could have a new adventure every day!

  2. I'm so proud of you. Sean and Ian and Landon are a bunch of lucky fellas! You make life good for 'em all.