Friday, October 2, 2009

Do we dress up or not?

I'm pretty sure I am certifiably insane.  I'm not a runner.  I'm short and have very short legs.  I haven't run a straight mile in over two years (probably closer to three).  So what did I decide to do?? Run a 5k for Halloween.  No big deal.  It'll be fun.  AND I already paid the registration fee so I can't back out even if I wanted to.  But it is kind of exciting.  AND Sean is going to do it with me.  Nothing like having a good running buddy.  I'm so glad he's supportive.  He'll be the first to admit that he always ran for the girls...things don't change much :)  Yesterday was Day One.  We only have one jogging stroller so Ian was very good to hold Landon.  He thought it was so we didn't "lose" Landon.  Big Brother was very proud of his responsibility.  I just hope it doesn't get any colder or we'll have to start splitting our run time so one of us can stay home with the boys.  By next week I'll probably be wishing I hadn't told anyone, but for now it's still a bit exhilarating. (BTW did you know that exhilarating and hilarious come from the same latin root hilarus--that's what this experience will be, hilarious) Though Ian did NOT think it was hilarious when I tried to take a picture of him.

He wanted the camera.

So I gave it to him.

 Ian's feet.

He took one of his "lello tar" the other day.

I'm impressed.  Usually you just see his fingers blocking the lens. Or the floor.
I'd say he's got some of those Griffin genes and knows what to do with a camera.

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