Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brotherly Love in the Mornin'

Aren't they the cutest?  He sure does love his little brother.  Ian insisted that Lando sit next to him and watch "Bobots"- Landon was just excited to have his brother's full attention for a few minutes. 

I love my boys (including the one not pictured;their daddy)

Update:  I have been sick forever it seems.  It comes and goes then comes again.  Pink eye, cough, flu, migraines all rotated in at some point.  So getting my running in hasn't happened as much as I'd like.  And let's face it- there were a few days where I physically felt well enough- just not motivated to find a babysitter.  It's too cold to take the boys running now so if Sean isn't home that means finding someone to watch the boys.  I had no idea what a hassle getting a babysitter is.  You have to find a willing soul- the right time- get the boys ready- make sure they have extra diapers and clothes (because Murphy's law says if you don't bad things will happen)- get them there (no small feat) then go running?  Yeah...  And to top it all off- it snowed this morning and I hear it is likely to snow Saturday morning as well.  Maybe Mike was right- I should just dress up as an Eskimo.  I'll give you full update on Saturday (or roundabouts) if I survive.  Cross your fingers and say prayers on my behalf.  And for Sean too. (thanks)

In other news: We are in week 11 with 5 to go (plus finals week). Sean got an email last night talking about graduation (in 2011).  Crazy! You start the program and then they send you stuff for graduation within the first semester!  Exciting.  It's still a lot of work away but time-wise it's just on the horizon.  Hard to believe after a 5 year bachelor degree that this one will be done in a mere 18 months or so. (Sean is planning to be done with classes next December but graduation is in May). 

Life is crazy and just keeps comin'. 

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  1. Omigosh! They are So Big. This time last year Lando was smaller than Mike & Ashley's jellybean. And, boy are they Dang Cute in their jammies!