Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jemima Puddle Duck

The title comes from a Beatrix Potter story. But now here's our story: One lovely Sunday afternoon we decided it would be a good time to go for a little stroll through the neighborhood. We all got bundled up (it was a little chilly) and got the kids strapped into strollers and low and behold it began to rain. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip. DripDrip. DripDrip Drip. DrippityDroppityDrippity Droppity. Drippity Droppity WOOSH! It was pouring. We retreated back inside to wait it out. When it let up we managed to get Ian to try on his new Birthday golashes and jump in the puddles. He preferred to splash with his hands or sit in the puddle. Oh well.

We tried again to go for a walk. We wandered over to the temple and enjoyed the view for a bit. Wandered toward Main Street and towards the Tabernacle. BOOM! Thunderstruck. The clouds opened again and we ran for cover under a tree. The boys only got marginally wet in strollers under the umbrella. We, however, were soaked. To the bone. We sang I'm Bringing Home a Baby BumbleBee over and over to keep Ian in his stroller. It finally let up enough that we could walk the 4 blocks home after 20 minutes of hiding amidst the trees. It's hard to tell how wet we were in the group shot but you can take our words for it.

We warmed up with some hot chocolate topped off with mint-choco-chip ice cream. The BEST. You really should try it. What an adventure! And people say there's nothing to do on Sundays. Pfft.


  1. OH my goodness his goulashes are so cute! You look wet ;) I didnt know the temple was that close to you! thats neat!

  2. Yeah I wish we all had a pair of golashes. I had some when I was little. The temple is only about 4 blocks away or so. (all uphill of course) Ian likes to point to it when we go for a walk and say "te-temp"--It's pretty cute.

  3. You guys have been blog busy! Congrats to Sean on starting school, I'm into my third week here (two exams down!). I understand about the rain. In Jamaica, you had a matter of minutes between when you first saw the clouds and when you were soaked (that is not an exagerration). One time, we were taking a short cut across a soccer field. We saw the clouds as soon as we came out into the open grass, and starting running. We didn't make three quarters of the way before Noah's flood returned. We've had some nasty storms here in Phoenix, but we don't bundle up... ever...