Thursday, August 20, 2009

It was like, so, you know...weird...totally

So I was going to update photos today since I have a little wiggle room in my schedule but I found out I don't have any on my computer and my card reader won't work. If I can find the adapter I promise Ill post them.

Ian is with Grandpa and Grandma Hurst until tomorrow. He left with them on Monday. Life has been weird around here without him. Not bad but weird. Quiet. Calm. Clean-ish. I managed to clean up our room and finally finish putting up our pictures in there-only took 3 months not bad. I wish I could fix our lovely ghetto fabulous curtains though but alas, grad school budget doesn't allow for that right now. That's ok the rest of the room is nicer now, but our carpet still smells like dog pee and it is NASTY. Its been that way since before we moved in but we've had the house open all summer and now that it's cooling off (already crazy) we've closed it back up. I don't think Sean can smell it but it bugs me. I really really really want to just rip out the carpet and let my landlord deal with it later, but I don't have the guts (and I'd have to have help moving the furniture etc.) Plus then we would need to get rugs for the floor and decorating is out of the budget for now. Oh well. At least it's a nice pretty shade of puke green. The joys of renting. We were talking about it last night and if we owned this house it would be a great home. It fits us and our stuff nicely and we could do some cool projects.

On the chance that I might sound like a teenage girl again--we went to the mall last night and it was fun. We just went to check it out: it's much bigger than I thought. Anyway- we went out past Ian's bedtime and it was so strange, it felt taboo. Kind of thrilling. Lame huh? A taboo trip to the mall--like I said, it all sounds very 13. The best part was we even went to Claires and I got to try on hats and glasses. Sean is such a good sport. I'm very grateful that he came from a family with 5 sisters and loves me enough to be seen in public with me :)

We also had a chance to go to the temple yesterday. It's much easier to get a babysitter for a 3 month old who drinks a bottle and sleeps the rest of the time than him and his 2 year old brother. So we went and did sealings. I think it was the only time I've done sealings that I wasn't pregnant and it was so nice. I didn't get all tired and antsy or dizzy or anything. Getting more sleep at night probably helped too. Landon is now sleeping for a good 6 hour stretch or so and then 3 hours after that. I can't describe what a difference it makes!

There's much more about summer that we haven't posted but maybe when I get pictures up you'll get a blurb about them. Until then--school starts Monday and Sean has orientation today-kind of exciting!!


  1. So I'm glad you all stopped by today! And it was kind of funny that we were the hair-bob twins! Who knew! So I think that you all should come over for dinner or games sometime... or we could get wild and crazy and do both.

  2. Puke-green and smells like pee...
    I guess that's better than pee-yellow and smells like puke. Maybe.

  3. Oh Maggie, you are so great! I wish so much that you still lived in Cedar especially now that I will be home during the day. What fun we could've had! Good luck with the funky smell!

  4. I know how you feel. last Saturday Grandma Butler watched Kaden while we went to moab had dinner and bowled. It was so nice. But i kept trying to get kaden when we would stop and then remember he wasnt there. I havent felt that relaxed in a long time. bowling was tons of fun... plus I beat ronnie both games.