Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jemima Puddle Duck

The title comes from a Beatrix Potter story. But now here's our story: One lovely Sunday afternoon we decided it would be a good time to go for a little stroll through the neighborhood. We all got bundled up (it was a little chilly) and got the kids strapped into strollers and low and behold it began to rain. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Drip. DripDrip. DripDrip Drip. DrippityDroppityDrippity Droppity. Drippity Droppity WOOSH! It was pouring. We retreated back inside to wait it out. When it let up we managed to get Ian to try on his new Birthday golashes and jump in the puddles. He preferred to splash with his hands or sit in the puddle. Oh well.

We tried again to go for a walk. We wandered over to the temple and enjoyed the view for a bit. Wandered toward Main Street and towards the Tabernacle. BOOM! Thunderstruck. The clouds opened again and we ran for cover under a tree. The boys only got marginally wet in strollers under the umbrella. We, however, were soaked. To the bone. We sang I'm Bringing Home a Baby BumbleBee over and over to keep Ian in his stroller. It finally let up enough that we could walk the 4 blocks home after 20 minutes of hiding amidst the trees. It's hard to tell how wet we were in the group shot but you can take our words for it.

We warmed up with some hot chocolate topped off with mint-choco-chip ice cream. The BEST. You really should try it. What an adventure! And people say there's nothing to do on Sundays. Pfft.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Picture Update

I told you I'd do it, told you I'd do it.... Aaaahhhh! (Thank you Thank you. I'll be here all week)
Look at what a good big brother Ian is. He loves Landon so much. He always wants to hold him and rock him. Today when he came home from his grand adventure with Grandpa and Grandma who did he want? Well Dad at first to snuggle him (he'd just woken up) then he wanted Landon. "Hold," he said. So he held "LaLow" and gave him a big hug...did Mom get a hug when he got home??? no. But I'm glad he loves his brother.
Ian's 2nd birthday was celebrated in style with a trip to the zoo and a "Melmo" cake. Evidently my niece is terrified of muppets...that would have been good to know BEFORE the Sesame Street themed party. She didn't have any trouble eating Elmo's face--she just didn't want to talk about it or hear/say his name. Anyway, Ian LOVES "Melmo" and had a wonderful time. I'm pretty sure he thinks every day he gets to open presents. And yes, I made the cake myself. :)

My boys showin' off their guns...

When Ian got home today he wanted to play with the "Cheese" aka Camera so I obliged and we had fun. The screen was flipped towards us-hence Ian's confused look.

Say ahhh!
Sorry we haven't been the greatest at getting pictures up. But you have them now so stop whining! TTFN

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It was like, so, you know...weird...totally

So I was going to update photos today since I have a little wiggle room in my schedule but I found out I don't have any on my computer and my card reader won't work. If I can find the adapter I promise Ill post them.

Ian is with Grandpa and Grandma Hurst until tomorrow. He left with them on Monday. Life has been weird around here without him. Not bad but weird. Quiet. Calm. Clean-ish. I managed to clean up our room and finally finish putting up our pictures in there-only took 3 months not bad. I wish I could fix our lovely ghetto fabulous curtains though but alas, grad school budget doesn't allow for that right now. That's ok the rest of the room is nicer now, but our carpet still smells like dog pee and it is NASTY. Its been that way since before we moved in but we've had the house open all summer and now that it's cooling off (already crazy) we've closed it back up. I don't think Sean can smell it but it bugs me. I really really really want to just rip out the carpet and let my landlord deal with it later, but I don't have the guts (and I'd have to have help moving the furniture etc.) Plus then we would need to get rugs for the floor and decorating is out of the budget for now. Oh well. At least it's a nice pretty shade of puke green. The joys of renting. We were talking about it last night and if we owned this house it would be a great home. It fits us and our stuff nicely and we could do some cool projects.

On the chance that I might sound like a teenage girl again--we went to the mall last night and it was fun. We just went to check it out: it's much bigger than I thought. Anyway- we went out past Ian's bedtime and it was so strange, it felt taboo. Kind of thrilling. Lame huh? A taboo trip to the mall--like I said, it all sounds very 13. The best part was we even went to Claires and I got to try on hats and glasses. Sean is such a good sport. I'm very grateful that he came from a family with 5 sisters and loves me enough to be seen in public with me :)

We also had a chance to go to the temple yesterday. It's much easier to get a babysitter for a 3 month old who drinks a bottle and sleeps the rest of the time than him and his 2 year old brother. So we went and did sealings. I think it was the only time I've done sealings that I wasn't pregnant and it was so nice. I didn't get all tired and antsy or dizzy or anything. Getting more sleep at night probably helped too. Landon is now sleeping for a good 6 hour stretch or so and then 3 hours after that. I can't describe what a difference it makes!

There's much more about summer that we haven't posted but maybe when I get pictures up you'll get a blurb about them. Until then--school starts Monday and Sean has orientation today-kind of exciting!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So, a while ago our elder's quorum helped a guy some junk from his yard. it is an elder couple, who probably haven't done anything with their yard in years. Shortly into the job, we all went and got some heavy gloves because of the arachnids we saw roaming the trash we were hauling off. One item in particular was especially infested with the largest wolf spiders I have ever seen. I was able to kill most of them, but one in particular may have gotten away. Since I have a pickup, we loaded it all in for the trip to the dump; however, it was evening and the dump was closed, so I took it home.

That night I did some research into prices at the dump and the tractor tire we picked up was going to run us $100 on it's own. I would get reimbursed, but between that and the other tires it was going to be a $160 dollar trip, over half the elder's quorum budget. So, I talked to the elder's quorum president, who talked to the bishop to decide what to do. In the mean time, the spiders stayed.

Well, last Friday, Maggie saw a huge spider by the fridge. I took a look, and it was the same kind and the same approximate size as the one from the trash couch (since taken to the dump). I tried to kill it with a broom and though I didn't see it get away, there were no spider remains to be found. He had survived. The next few days were a little uncomfortable (especially when I walked through the kitchen barefoot at night to get Landon for his nightly feedings). Slowly, I settled into the normal feelings and only occasionaly thought of the arachnic monster living in our house.

Well, Thursday morning Maggie found it again, in our kitchen sink among a pile of dirty dishes. Luckily, it had drown in a bowl full of water. In the water, dead, it didn't look as big, but after fishing it out, I am fairly certain of its identity. It got it's just dues.

It wasn't until afterwords I got thinking. In the last while we have had next to no bugs and no earwigs or ants (both of which we had been suffering from for at least a month). We had also seen no other spiders. Also, this morning when I went down to do laundry I looked for the customary webs along the stairs and found none. The one spider had done a good job at keeping our house fairly free of other creepy crawlies.

So, I'm thinking about catching another one and introducing him to the prime hunting grounds that is our house. Then again, maybe not.