Monday, May 18, 2009

Graduation, Moving and No More Guard

So many things to tell you about how do I begin?

Well first order of business: Sean graduated Magna Cum Laude from SUU on May 2nd (2 weeks ago). I'm so proud of all the hard work he put in to getting his degree. He even managed to pull straight A's for his final semester. Not bad, not bad at all. Most of our extended family was able to join us in the celebration. It was fun to see everyone and we missed those who couldn't join us. We took up a load of stuff (a couch and bunch of boxes of books) to Logan the weekend before so our living room actually had more room than it has ever had-- well we could fit everyone in the living room with most everyone getting a seat. When we first moved in all we had was two camp chairs and a rocker.

With all of the chaos of guests at graduation we thought we'd just up and move on Monday. Let's just say it was crazy and I won't be planning our next move for the Monday after graduation when I'm 7 ½ months pregnant. I felt really restricted on what I was allowed to help with but I tried to be good and not push it. Though Saturday night I did have a pretty good meltdown, as Sean can attest to. Thanks to Trish's tetris skills and Sean and Eric's muscles we managed to get everything packed into two pickups and a U-Haul trailer. I'm still amazed. We caravaned up to Logan Monday afternoon/evening leaving only a little later than we meant to. There was a family north of Cedar that had blown a tire on their trailer and we were able to give the Dad a ride into Beaver and back to his truck without even losing time on the road. Arleen broke in her band new truck on the trip which meant she wasn't supposed to push the engine too hard (especially pulling the trailer). Ian thought it was pretty awesome to get to ride with grandma the whole way- though by the end he was beginning to wonder if Mom and Dad had ditched him again. (We scarred him for life when we left him in Blanding for a week in January—but only because he got sick and needed to be home.) We pulled up to the little yellow house in Logan about 9:30 or so. It was late and everyone was beat so we unloaded Tuesday morning. (And by “we” I mean they-Sean, Trish and Arleen.) We have spent the last few weeks unpacking and organizing and fixing things. We're mostly done at this point but there are still odds and ends and things we'll find to do over the coming months.

Living room- My rocking chair :)

Living Room: Sweet coffee table and we got a cool shag rug (I love it!)

Our $10 DI bookcase--still not finished unpacking...

They Boys' Room--kinda messy but it actually looks better today- a little more organized anyway.

This is our bedroom--yay 2 windows!! (the other is to the left)

As hard as it is to not have an income at the moment—it has been SO nice to have Sean home to help around the house. I'm feeling (and am) bigger than ever and this boy isn't due for another 5 weeks. I can tell he's likely to be bigger than his brother because I don't even fit into some of my maternity clothes (talk about depressing—remind me to never get this fat this quickly—It's not even really worth getting new clothes out of the deal because I only have 5 weeks or less left). But at least I hope I'll be a little better prepared for the hospital this time. With Ian my water broke 3 weeks early and I hadn't packed a single thing. This time I have two bags: one to take with us with labor stuff and one that someone else can grab with after labor stuff like jammies and clothes for the baby. We're still playing a lot of life by ear, take it as it comes, but hopefully in the coming weeks we'll be able to plan a little more. For those of you who are wondering (those of the female persuasion likely) Yes I do have a doctor up here. That seems to be the first question after “When are you due?” We met with him right after we got up here and I really like him and have heard great things about him. We're meeting with him again tomorrow (Tuesday) after the ultrasound. My doctor in Cedar only did the 20 week ultrasound and others strictly as needed but here they have 2: one at the 20 week mark (usually when you find out the gender) and another towards the end just to make sure things are going well and the kid is still growing like he's supposed to. It'll be cool to see this little guy again. Still no names for him yet. We're working on it but nothing seems to be sticking.

Getting ready for the day: check out the mondo belly!

I do like our house and I love the fact that it's a house so we don't have to worry about bugging the neighbors or them bugging us. We also finally found our real ward and like the people we've met so far. They're really friendly—and not so old. Anyway, sorry we don't update as often as you'd like. When Sean gets a job we'll get internet but until then, weekly trips to the library will have to do. (Though the library is small here for the size of the city—they have done remarkably well in their selection. I'm impressed.)

Daddy's little helper

PS--Sean is a free man now: His last day with the National Guard was Friday. :)