Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Well Spent Spring Break

So this last week was Spring Break for Sean. We went up to Logan on Thursday to check out housing, crossing our fingers that we'd find SOMETHING, even if only a decent lead. I have only been to Logan once before and I didn't pay much attention then- so it was an adventure. It was kind of nice to pass SLC and keep going. We had brunch at IHOP in Springville:Ian loved his chocolate chip smiley face pancake. I throughly enjoyed my Nutella Crepes and Sean had a yummy bacon omlette.
We did manage to successfully find Logan without getting lost once. It was beautiful and warm when we left Cedar but towards Logan there was still snow on the ground and I'm sure with this new storm there's a fresh blanket of the white stuff. We found the school, though parking was a NIGHTMARE! They have signs that say "Visitor Parking" with an arrow...we decided it's a trick. They want the visitors to look like idiots and drive in circles. There was no visitors parking- none that we found anyway. Luckily, thanks to Sean's mad parallel parking skills, we found a spot. We walked over to the institute to find a huge building that has random hallways everywhere. Being a female, I asked for directions to the posting board. We found it in a room I never would have gone into on my own. There were 8 or 10 listings for married housing and we called on about 5 or 6 of them. We only got to look at three of them.

One of the places Sean liked was an aparment in a 4plex that this cute old man owned. The apartment itself was nice but I didn't like the neighborhood. It was in a place nicknamed "the island" and was kind of run down. I just wouldn't feel safe there with a toddler and new baby by myself all day. The rent was cheap though. $400- hard to beat.

Number 2 was the upstairs of a duplex in a cute corner house. It was 2 bed, 1 bath but a bit old and quirky. I kind of liked this place. I really liked the fact that the owner (who is not much older than us) had lived there before so he knew about the weird quirks and was honest about them. Like the washer being in the kitchen and the dryer in the second bedroom. That was weird. But it had a lot of windows and was NOT in the basement--which is a plus for me.

Then house number 3 was actually a house. When we first drove by it Sean wasn't so sure about it. But after getting to look inside-he was sold. It's actually a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house with an unfinished basement. We would have the whole thing to ourselves. It also has a big backyard that is shared with a neighbor. The bedrooms are small and the carpet dated. There's green shag in the master bedroom. A few rugs will take care of that. We loved it. It's older but has charm and possibilities; room for improvements--which Sean and I like to do. And it's yellow. A cute little yellow house with a porch and a yard. And the rent is within our budget. The woman showing us the house really liked us (and I liked her) and she called us that evening and said if we were serious about it they would hold it for us. So we have a house! A bonefied house with a yard and room for 2 kids and lots of storage. We are both VERY excited about it.

We also found the DI up there and found a cool bomber jacket that would have been cool for Ian if he needed another jacket (but he doesn't) so we took pictures of him in it. Very Cool little Maverick (though Goose is my favorite-but he dies). Now he just needs his RayBans and Motorcycle.

Heavenly Father sure has kept his eye out for us. Things are just falling into place. It's funny how that happens when you just move forward with a little hope and faith. (or a Lot of hope and faith).

We also got to visit with Sean's friend from high school who lives up there and his wife and kids. That was a lot of fun. They're a cute family.

All in all it was a good trip. I'm currently in SLC while Sean is doing Weapons Qualifications for National Guard. We're staying with his sister and it's so nice to visit with family. Hopefully in Logan we'll be getting internet at home so we can Skype with the family who are far away.

Hope the weather doesn't give us too much trouble on the way home tonight. Tomorrow it's back to the real world of school and work and chores :)


  1. Good to know that hope and faith are still working for young faithful couples. Congrats on your new home. We look forward to seeing you when you're down this way!

  2. Hey glad that housing worked out so well for you guys! Also, congrats on the baby on the way!

  3. thats awesome wish we could have seen ya! well we should be there for your graduation as well even if we cant come in ;) and loved the bomber jacket cant believe you didnt get it!!

  4. Thanks for coming to see us. If you can get away again the hot-tub party is still available!!