Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ian found me in his room the other day and brought me the camera. I thought he wanted to look at the pictures because that's usually what he wants. As soon as I took the camera from him he started cheese-ing it. Poor neglected kid. I hadn't taken a picture of him in hours.

This is my little Huckleberry. Too cute. Can't wait to meet his little brother. Which in that news; I'm feeling very preggo now. Everything hurts (mainly my back and hips), I can't sleep at night, have lovely heartburn even after eating Banana Cream Pie. But the flip side is-- I can eat! Wahoo- I'm not sick anymore (mostly) and can eat whatever I want. I just have to follow up with TUMS (blech!) Ian is quite the mover and the shaker lately. He learned that a chicken says "bock bock" and now runs around the house at full speed flapping his arms like wings and screaming "bock bock bock" at the top of his lungs. It's pretty hilarious. I think we're all getting a bit of cabin fever--can't wait for the nicer weather to be able to go OUT.

Sean and I are reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer. He claims he's not addicted and I won't say I told you so...but well...he is. :) I'm enjoying it too. It's my 2nd time reading it and I seem to have forgotten a lot of the details. So it's like it's new to me. Lots of fun. Ian will pretend he's reading too. But we can't manage to get it on camera or it'd be on here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is it?

Okay, so I have been meaning to post for a while, seeing as we know what the baby is now (besides human).  The problem is that I wanted to put up an ultrasound picture and let you all figure it out for yourselves, however I never remember to put one on my laptop.  I decided I will just post and hopefully answer some of the questions asked about the last one.

It is a boy.  I can already tell he's going to be a cute little guy (how could he not?).  He is due June 20th, so he will probably come earlier (when we are trying to move).  Hope that answers the questions.