Monday, November 17, 2008


There are two types of people in this world: those who like eggnog and those who don't. Maggie does not care for eggnog (one sip is enough for the whole year). I am a fan of the creamy treat. So, what happens when the two create a little boy. Will the boy like eggnog, will he hate it, or will it be an unholy combination of the two extremes. How terrible would the latter be.

There are distinct advantages to either side. If Ian were to hate the "vile" stuff, I would have it all to myself. I would not be required to share the holy nectar, except for the very small wife tax at the beginning of the Holiday season. I could be completely selfish and not feel bad about it, because neither of them care.

On the other hand, if that happened over and over (sounds like we are planning on having twenty kids), I would feel increasingly guilty buying it. Could I really feel good about buying something that is solely for my addiction and is beneficial to nobody else. Would I? Probably, but that's beside the point.

Well, on Saturday we bought our first quart of 'nog. As daddy was drinking it, Ian looking up with eyes of longing. Who can say no? Leaning down I tipped the glass to his lips. He wouldn't stop. In all he probably drank a third of my glass (which was rather small). My solitary claim to the eggnog was over. For better or for worse, he loves the stuff.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I know it's a little late to be posting Halloween stuff, but I guess I'm just a little slow. I made some posts before the big event, but none since. Here goes.

We had a good Halloween. We dressed in a common theme (picture to follow). Maggie was a beautiful princess. Her costume came from a dress we got two years ago when we dressed as Napolean Dynamite and Deb. She modified it (getting rid of the big sleeves), as well as making a slip to make the skirt poof. As a finishing touch, she borrowed a tiara from my sister Dani.

Ian was a dragon (not a dinosaur). Maggie made the costume herself, using a pattern and fleece for the material. When she made it, we figured it would be a cold night, but when Halloween rolled around, it was not. As a result, I think Ian was a little warm, but he survived. He makes a cute dragon.

I, Sean, was a knight. Maggie made me a hauberk from some silver netting she got for cheap at WalMart, which worked great. I also made use of my black cloak. The day before, I made a kite shield, which I covered in aluminum foil, as well as a breastplate (also covered in foil). I really wanted have a good crest, but am not much of an artist, so I used my resources: google. All the dragon crests were very complicated, except one picture of a dragon I found. It was Trogdor. I borrowed the image, printed it and colored. Ta da, the perfect crest.
Earlier in the day, for lunch, Maggie made a great meal. I don't know what she did with his body, but she borrowed Frankensteins brains. I was a little queasy of the idea at first, but they turned out really well. With a little pepper, I couldn't complain. She is a great cook, even when using questionable ingredients.

Halloween was great, although the drive to Camp Williams at 3am the next day was the longest I have yet to make.