Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween is Coming

Well Halloween is almost here. It is the perfect opportunity for all us "adults" to break out our shell and pretend we're something else. Maggie likes to put a lot of work into it, which is also fun for me. Last year she made pirate costumes for us, which were prompted by some pajamas Ian had: a monkey. With a little work, we had some great costumes. I'll see about posting a pic here later, because I don't have one on this computer.

Well, this year, we decided we would again do a shared theme, only we took it back a few centuries. I will be a knight, Maggie a princess and Ian is our little dragon. The costume for Ian was made by Maggie, as was my mail (chainmail is an incorrect term). I was originally going to make a helmet, breastplate and shield, but we'll see if it happens. Maggie also fabricated her beautiful princess gown out of an old dress (from a couple of Halloweens ago when we were Napolean and Deb). Hopefully it will all turn out well, so we look good for the party Friday night.

Sadly, Halloween will be a little hard. Somebody in the higher echelons decided that we should have National Guard weekend the day after Halloween. That means I get to drive to Salt Lake early Saturday morning. On a positive note, I get to spend some time with Chris Flavel, so it should be fun.

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