Thursday, October 30, 2008


Maggie, Ian and I spent much of the afternoon baking and decorating sugar cookies for a Halloween party we have tomorrow. We let Ian pick out about half of the shapes and even help push the cutters down. By that time he was ready for a nap, so I went and put him down.

The first batch was stacked much too closely. They ran into one another and lost much of their shapes. We spread the rest out better and they turned out better. However, because of the loss of shape, we were able to make some we would not have been able to do otherwise (see Barney cookie).
If you look closely there are some fun ones, mostly made by Maggie, such as an elephant, a vampire, two sets of vampire teeth, as well as one Barney. Here are some close-ups.
Barney doesn't feel so well.
Happy Halloween

I got a call from Maggie as I was on my way to work (which is where I am writing this from) and got an update. Ian had wanted another cookie, but she was not giving him one. He had made a big enough mess with the first one.

She went to the bathroom and Ian immediately made a dash for the kitchen. With nothing she could do, she could hear him begin to laugh. When she got in there, Ian had one of the cookies (the large pumpkin between the two sheets). Very proud of himself, he was busy licking the icing off, which got all over his face, as well as on his leg somehow. This isn't a picture after the fact, but after eating his first cookie.


  1. Looks like you had a fun Halloween. I cant wait to see pictures. I need to get pictures of halloween on my blog.

  2. Long time no see, eh?!?! It's always fun to run into friends again...Ian sure makes a cute little dragon! Keep Smiling! Life's Gr8!