Monday, September 29, 2008

Are we in China?

(With this getup we could have been Olympic Athletes :) PS-Sean's mask broke)

This past weekend we headed to Blanding to help the fam with some work that needed to be done. Evidently the basement had water leakage and made the walls all moldy and gross (not to mention unhealthy) so we ripped out the sheetrock and sprayed the walls with vinegar, which works better than bleach to kill mold FYI. We scrubbed and painted the cinderblock walls with milshake-like latex sealent. It says it'll stop a 20 foot wall of water, hopefully it'll keep the occasional seepage at bay. It was a lot of work and we left plenty for them to do but it felt good to work with my hands rather than chase Ian around all day. It was also good to see everyone. While we were working Ian was composing:
Our little dragon plays the most beautiful music.

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  1. I must say those are some darn cute little boys there. expecially the one on the right. but I am just prejudice that way.