Monday, September 29, 2008


Two posts in one day?! Woah! Well they're backwards because Homecoming was a couple of weeks ago but oh well. SUU had it's homecoming a while back with a parade and everything. As a result of a random drawing I won a super cool toothbrush (I am a nerd I know). Ian enjoyed the parade but wouldn't wave at the people until the VERY end. His favorites were the dancing groups because they had sweet music he could rock out to. Here are some of the highlights:
Ian and I had a pretty good spot along the parade route, right in front of the theater. I think Ian had a better seat than I did though.

This is one of the tour busses from Yellowstone National Park. I thought it was pretty cool- the horn says "ah-OOga"

The ROTC got to ride in a tank-probably for the first time for most of them.

And my personal favorite:

I was trying to take a picture of the two of us together but Ian decided he wanted to grab the camera. I just love the big Cheese smile.

Playing on the hill during the game--It's too bad we lost.

Are we in China?

(With this getup we could have been Olympic Athletes :) PS-Sean's mask broke)

This past weekend we headed to Blanding to help the fam with some work that needed to be done. Evidently the basement had water leakage and made the walls all moldy and gross (not to mention unhealthy) so we ripped out the sheetrock and sprayed the walls with vinegar, which works better than bleach to kill mold FYI. We scrubbed and painted the cinderblock walls with milshake-like latex sealent. It says it'll stop a 20 foot wall of water, hopefully it'll keep the occasional seepage at bay. It was a lot of work and we left plenty for them to do but it felt good to work with my hands rather than chase Ian around all day. It was also good to see everyone. While we were working Ian was composing:
Our little dragon plays the most beautiful music.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our weekend

We haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. I promise. Last weekend we went up to Salt Lake to attend Governor's Day at the U. Evidently this year was a big deal-but they didn't tell us why. All the National Guard Units (well all except the deployed ones and Blanding) march in formation in front of the Gov. and salute him and he salutes back. Old tradition. It was kind of cool to watch for a while. Ian didn't think so though. He wasn't feeling well and woke up way early to get there so he was a bit grumpy. I don't blame him. He fell asleep at the very end. Just in time to wake up and get back on Trax. We stayed with Tiff and Tim (Sean's sister and her boyfriend) though we couldn't visit much I'm glad we got to see them. Then After the gov. thing we went to Provo and caught up with Sean's mission buddy Michael. We went bowling at the Wilkinsen Center at BYUHeidi and Lily met us there. We had a blast though I ended up big winner with a whole 72 points. Lame. At least I broke 70 :) We stayed that night with Trent and Heidi. It was so good to see them again. They're up there because Trent is going to Law School. Now we're home and I'm working on Ian's Halloween costume- a DRAGON! I got all of the pieces cut out tonight which was a huge task. But it's done and now I get to do the fun stuff. I'll post pictures of it when it's done. Oh and I went to the garden today and we got 25 tomatoes and a bajillion little tomatoes--mmmmm YUMMY! Too bad I forgot to grab bacon for BLTs. TTFN

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ian's a big boy now

Well, it's hard to believe it, but Ian is now a year olde (archaic for old). What's even harder to believe is that he has been so for over a week and I still hadn't written about it, until today.

His Birthday went well, but we actually celebrated two days early, since it was a Saturday and Oma Julie and Grandma Hurst were both down for the occasion. It was a great party, with great presents from both sides (including those from Grandma and Grandpa Wittwer that arrived a few days after his birthday). He enjoys them all. Now he has a farm, a 4-Wheeler and blocks to build with. What more could a little boy need?

Time has sure flown and will continue to do so.