Thursday, August 21, 2008


First things first. We failed to update you on the growings of our garden. I (Maggie) was afraid that being gone for two weeks would destroy it. We had a battle with squash bugs before we left and I wasn't sure if we got them all. I was worried that they would eat all of our precious squash. Well, they didn't. We got a call from a guy in our ward while we were in Bluffdale asking if we knew what kind of squash the bumpy squash was...summer squash? So we knew not everything was dead. To our surprise we came back to find this:
Behemoth squash and zucchinis. The skin is REALLY tough but we had a good stirfry Sunday night--which is good because we didn't have any groceries.
We also have peppers galore.Our tomatoes are still green and we got one big ol' watermelon--but evidently it was still green--or pink--too. I cut it open and was sorely disappointed to find white-ish pink flesh instead of bright red. So we haven't starved. And I didn't kill the garden. It's a great confidence booster--maybe we'll try again on our own next year.

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  1. wow i must say i am jealous. i have really missed a garden this year.