Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Boy

Ian will be one on Monday. We're having a party on Saturday with the traditional cake in your face business. So we need a cake. I decided I could make one almost as cool as the one we saw at Wal*Mart. Here it is. Hopefully it doesn't get ruined before then. The frosting mixing took the longest. Not bad for my first real cake decorating job. :)


First things first. We failed to update you on the growings of our garden. I (Maggie) was afraid that being gone for two weeks would destroy it. We had a battle with squash bugs before we left and I wasn't sure if we got them all. I was worried that they would eat all of our precious squash. Well, they didn't. We got a call from a guy in our ward while we were in Bluffdale asking if we knew what kind of squash the bumpy squash was...summer squash? So we knew not everything was dead. To our surprise we came back to find this:
Behemoth squash and zucchinis. The skin is REALLY tough but we had a good stirfry Sunday night--which is good because we didn't have any groceries.
We also have peppers galore.Our tomatoes are still green and we got one big ol' watermelon--but evidently it was still green--or pink--too. I cut it open and was sorely disappointed to find white-ish pink flesh instead of bright red. So we haven't starved. And I didn't kill the garden. It's a great confidence booster--maybe we'll try again on our own next year.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I haven't fallen off the edge of the world, although close to it. I spent the last two weeks at Annual Training in lovely Camp Williams Utah. As such, I did not have the chance to get online, let alone write a blog. I don't have pictures with me now, but I will write another blog later (or tomorrow) complete with pictures.

Something historic did happen last week. The 115th Engineer Group of Utah was reorganized to become the 115th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade. 1457th company C is no longer there. It is now the 1457th Sapper Company, of which the Blanding unit is the detachment. Because of the reorganization, I am no longer in the Blanding unit. Instead, I am at Camp Williams (my favorite place on earth). I will now be a Human Resource Information Systems Specialist (which doesn't sound near as cool as Combat Engineer), which hopefully will help develop skills I will need in the civilian world).

Because of the change, I will no longer be making monthly trips to my childhood home. Instead, we will have to make specific trips. It will definitely be a change for us. Anyway, enough with the boring stuff. I'll write again soon.