Monday, July 28, 2008

Hurst Family Reunion 2008

It's been just over a year since we all got together for our reunion and we did it in the mountains by Cedar City this year. Everybody, except Trish, was able to make it and it went well overall. The family is getting big (fifteen were present). It was great fun.

A couple of highlights:

The Scavenger Hunt. Maggie and I put together a list of "Flora, Fauna and Other" (complete with unicorn, jackalope and dinosaur) of which everybody was to take pictures. We had two teams, with Xavier on one and Lexi on the other. I think Xavier's team won in the end (which happened to be the one I was on). ;) Over all we got some cool pictures and picked up a lot of trash (worth 2pts. per piece, but it had to be picked up). We decided it was a good thing we weren't in Blanding, because somebody would see all the beer cans in the garbage and start a rumor.

The Treasure Hunt. On the second day Maggie, Tiff, Tim and I buried a treasure (yes Xavier, it was really us. You were right), consisting of candy, and a clue for my dad, to lead him to a bunch of letters of appreciation we buried elsewhere. We made paper pirate hats and I drew a map on some crinkled brown paper and it was Lexi and Xavier's job to get us there. They did a pretty good job and only had to have a few hints from us.

Now a little bit more about "my" part of the Hurst family. Ian loves the outdoors. He is definitely missing them now that we're back home. He loved going for rides on the 4-wheelers and would hum if he wanted to, or while he was riding, in imitation of the engine noise. He also hummed while riding in the back of the truck. He used to hum once in a while, when playing with his Tonka truck, but now he does it more.

He now walks much better. After walking on the uneven ground on the mountain, the level floor at home is a cinch. He grew while we were up there and thinks he is an even bigger boy than he actually is. He is a joy.

As a final note, I am a quarter century today. Yep, I am officially old (but just because I am, doesn't mean that anybody else out there is, just because they are as old or older than me). Happy Birthday to me. P.S. I don't feel any older than I did yesterday, but hopefully my insurance will go down.

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