Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ho-nee toad

We all went up on the mountain last night, which was beautiful because we got to get out of the heat. We went to the basic area we are going to have the family reunion, but took a road of the opposite side of the main one, which our bishop told us was neat. At the very end, it opened to an amazing view of the area. It was breathtaking. I backed into a spot of shade, got out and proceeded to walk around the back of the truck to get Ian out. I saw movement on the ground and upon closer inspection found a horny toad. I caught it without delay.

I then took it around, opened the passenger door and showed it to Ian. He thought it was the neatest thing, but I was sure he would kill it if I let him because he's not very gentle. Well after it climbed on his chair for a moment and he had tried to catch it, I took Ian out, got the horny toad and knelt down to let it go. It proceeded to climb back onto my knee. Okay, maybe I scared it back, but I then put it on Ian's knee (he was kneeling next to me). It climbed up his clothes. I helped him pet it and tried to keep him from hurting it. Ian is quick sometimes though and when it was about to his chest, Ian reached down and picked it up by the head. He shook the now ridged horny toad a couple of times and threw it on the ground. It landed near my knee and seemed unhurt. With only slight coaxing it climbed back on my leg.

Over dinner, the horny toad slowly crawled up my clothes until he was sitting on my shoulder, where he seemed intent to stay. He sat there until I took him down. Horny toads are way cooler than lizards any day. Now I just have to convince Maggie we should catch one for a pet.

We didn't have a camera, so the above picture is one stolen from the internet.


  1. ha ha poor little guy. cool that he wasnt afraid of it. we will have to find one and see what sandy thinks of it.

  2. Oh you should have saved it and given it to us. KayBree had a horny toad for a long time until Daimen got a tight hold of it a squished it to death... Poor Spikey RIP!