Monday, July 21, 2008


Well on Friday night, we went on Ian's first camping trip. We're glad we did, because we learned a couple of important things for this week when we going camping for three days on the family reunion.

The first thing we learned was not to leave Ian unsupervised, especially when sitting in the big-boy camp chairs. I put him in it, an he was sitting there just fine. I then went to the cooler to get a water bottle. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. Suddenly, there was a crash. I turned, and Ian had stood up and leaned on the arm of the chair (toward the downhill side). It had hit and he had hit hard, but was more shook up than hurt. He did get a small scratch from it, but soon got over that.

Second, we learned that his shoes are too small. He has some hiking boots, which we had tried on him the day before we left, but they seemed to be too big, because he had a lot harder time walking in them than he normally does (which leads to plenty of tumbles without help). Instead, we chose his older gym shoes (which can be seen in the previous picture). We spent the whole time fighting to keep them on, because we couldn't get his feet in them the whole time. In short, he will be wearing the hiking boots for the next camping trip and is already practicing the art of walking in them and is getting fairly good. Maybe it will keep him out of the dirt a little more. Probably not, but here's hoping.

Third, Ian can drink from a Juice box. If he has the straw in his mouth and you prime the pump (squeeze the box until the juice gets in his mouth), he will suck the juice down. He almost drank a complete "Apple-White Grape" juice box. When we got home, we also learned that he will suck smoothy through a straw, because the smoothy doesn't travel back through the straw, thus it is pre-primed.

Fourth, Ian loves the outdoors (as do we). We was happy pretty much the whole time we were out there. He didn't hardly cry and always seemed to be able to find something to do. The best part was in the morning, when we had gotten dressed and opened the tent. He thought it was so cool that we were already outdoors.

Last, we learned that we are so glad we will be camping somewhere, where there won't be as many people. There may be a few around (as it will be Pioneer day), but not like at the campground we went to. Yankee Reservoir was beautiful and none of the other campers were especially annoying, but we still prefer solitude when we are out in nature. The view was great (see below), but there were just too many people.


  1. Hey guys! We miss you! I like the blog. Christina and I have one.. not at blogspot, but at freewebs, but I have fallen off of keeping up with it. I think I may try a blog spot one and see if we can do a little better.
    Yankee Meadow is beautiful, but it was packed when we were there a couple of summers ago too. We skipped the campground, heading up past the sign that said "Please camp in the developed campgroud." and camped well outside the developed campground. We were surrounded by deer, etc., for most of the time when we weren't shooting my roommate's .22, and had a great time. We also tried to fish in the reservoir, but it was more throwing bait into the water...


  2. Hey sounds like you guys had a blast. it will be fun to see you tommorow. hopefully our trip will go smoothly with only one or two feedings... but who knows. I am actually excited to go camping. which is not somthing I get very often lol but then again last time I went i was 8 months pregnant and had to sleep on the ground cause our airmattress went flat... ya that was the worst ever. oh and ronnie and I ended up squishing into my sleeping bag because he was freezing in the crappy little on we brought for him. it was tight to say the least. xxx