Monday, July 7, 2008

Back in Cedar

Hi. It's Sean. So we headed out to Blanding for Independence Day. Actually, we went out for Cat and Ronnie's new son, Kaden Troy Butler's baby blessing, but went a few days early in order to spend the 4th there. It was a great time. If forgot how good the parade and fireworks are in Blanding (definitely better than one would expect for the size of the town). We didn't go to the booths, so I cannot vouch for them. It was a good 4th.

This group shot is from the parade. Maggie's behind the camera. The kids loved getting all the free candy they could hold. It was almost as good as Halloween.

On Saturday, we went up on Blue Mountain. My parents had their truck and four- wheelers, but we only had our Jetta (definitely no off-roader). The Jetta only has three or four inches of ground clearance, so I had to pick my way carefully, but we eventually stopped in a small meadow and unloaded the toys. Ian got to ride a four-wheeler with grandma and was very cute. Grandma headed up the road at about 1/2 mph for a ways, then turned around and came back. By that time, he was leaning back against her, sure he was the biggest boy in the world, because he was riding the four-wheeler with his grandma. He definitely thought they were cool.

Tiffany's kids, Xavier and Lexi, were there as well and enjoyed them thoroughly. Xav even got to drive one of them, with grandpa on back and again with me. I also took him on a small jump, which he thought was the greatest thing ever. We barely caught any air, but it was much more than that (judging by his reaction).

The blessing was great. Kaden is a special little boy and definitely received some special blessings. It reminded me of Ian's blessing. What a great ordinance, even if it isn't necessary for salvation.

The trip back was great. We went the "middle way," which goes through Hanksville, Loa, Koosharem, etc. It didn't really take any longer than going over I-70 and was definitely a lot more interesting drive. I think we'll be doing it more often. You do have to pick your rest stops though. We were going to stop in Hanskville for lunch, but missed the only rest stops. Luckily mom had packed us lunch so we just pulled over and ate (and allowed Ian to eat what he would). We then drove and drove (not having had a pit stop yet). Finally, in Koosharem (90 miles later) we pulled over for a bathroom break. There was one gas station with two pumps that said "Clean Bathrooms" on the side of the building. We stopped and tried to go in, but they were closed. We got back in the car, fed Ian again and headed on our merry way. To make an already long story short, we never got a bathroom break. The trip took 6 hours and 15 minutes, with the two stops to feed Ian. Normally, it takes us 7, but the lower time was because Ian was a good boy. He only cried starting in Parowan, so we sang "Johnny Burbek," "Five Little Ducks," and "Five Little Speckled Frogs" to keep him happy.

Overall, it was a great trip. Thanks to everybody.

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  1. ummm yah I hope we dont have a baby again by this time next year that puts me getting pregnant in a month.... maybe the year after that though. We sure enjoyed having you down. Love the picture of Ian on the mountain!!!