Monday, June 30, 2008

Slowing down a bit

Shortly after the previous post, Maggie filmed him walking to her. Note: She doesn't let him fall. Also, I don't think he wanted to be filmed, because he covers the lens like you always see people do.

He's going the distance

Ian runs for the cup and daddy doesn't catch him. Woops.


Hey everybody,
I haven't been much into blogging, but I thought I would create a place where everybody can find out what is new with our family. For those wondering, the URL means Hurst Family Newspaper (it's German). All the English equivalents were taken. Anywho, what prompted me was Ian. He is really trying to walk right now. We have a small video of him, but it is 11 MB, so I cannot email it. Go figure. Well, hopefully I will keep this up.